The mottura 54797 lock is a combined type lock and has two different types of locking combined in one lock, providing reliable protection against opening and burglary: the upper lever mechanism provides the main power locking of the lock, the lower cylinder lock provides a control function. The lock provides dependent locking of both mechanisms: when locking the cylinder mechanism, the upper key hole is blocked by a curtain. Comes with new generation variable-coded keys that have independent left and right sides as the distance between opposing teeth varies from position to position. In this regard, the manipulative opening of the lock is much more difficult: to determine the key encoding, it is necessary to reproduce the configurations of both sides of the key and decode the first and second revolutions; due to the asymmetry of the sides of the key, the number of code combinations increases many times over. There are 6 levers, among which there are levers without springs. Also, the lever block is located closer to the inside of the lock, and the shank stand has a built-in carbide ball that prevents drilling.

Dimensions 3.5 × 13.6 × 35.6 cm


Lock type



Number of crossbars